Calendar Year 2016 Pharmacy Benefits


  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager
    • CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefits manager for all plan members regardless of which healthcare option you select.  CVS will mail a welcome packet to all new members with prescription cards for yourself and one for each covered dependent.  Carry this card in addition to your current medical ID card.
  • Summary of Prescription Drug Benefits - The state's prescription drug plans require a co-pay or co-insurance.  How much you pay depends on how the prescription is filled.
    • Members pay the lowest amount for a generic (tier one) drug.  A generic medicine is FDA approved and dual to the brand name product in safety, effectiveness, quality, and performance.
    • Members pay a higher amount for a preferred brand (tier two) drug.  Preferred brand are included on the drug list.
    • Members pay the highest amount for a non-preferred brand (tier three) drug.  These belong to the most expensive group of drugs.  These drugs are not included on the drug list.
    • View the preferred drug list.
    Finding a CVS Caremark Network Pharmacy
    • More than 1,600 independent and chain pharmacies in Tennessee are available through the pharmacy benefits manager.  All offer 30-day prescriptions.  If you take a maintenance medication, some of the "mail at retail" pharmacies also fill 90-day prescriptions.  Mail service is also available.
    • You can find a 30-day or 90-day network pharmacy through the Caremark website at  You will need to register to search for a pharmacy.  Click the link to "Register Now."  You will then need to enter your participant ID found on the front of your prescription card.
    • You may also call CVS Caremark customer service at 1-800-522-8679 to find a network pharmacy near you


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