Calendar Year 2016 Dental Insurance

  • Cigna Prepaid Plan - The Prepaid Plan provides dental services at pre-determined co-pay amounts.  Members must receive services from a participating network general dentist or specialist dentist.  There is no deductible to meet, no claims to file, no waiting period, and no annual dollar maximum.
  • MetLife Preferred Dental Organization - Under the PDO, members can choose any dentist, however, you receive maximum benefits when using a network provider.  No referrals are required and you or your dentist file claims for covered services.  Some services require waiting periods (e.g., orthodontia) and limitations and exclusions apply.  Time spent in the Delta Dental PDO counts toward the waiting period. 

    You pay co-insurance for many covered services and your share is based on the "maximum allowable charge" for a given service.  You will pay less out-of-pocket when seeking care from a network provider because network dentists and specialists typically agree to the allowable charge upfront.  Out-of-network providers typically charge more than the allowable charge, resulting in higher costs for you.
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