Calendar Year 2016 Benefit Highlights/Changes

  • Health Insurance Premiums
  • Dental Insurance Premiums
  •  Vision Insurance Premiums
  • Blue Cross will offer the Network S selection of providers, just like in 2015.
  • Cigna will offer the smaller LocalPlus network of providers. This is a change. Employees need to review their providers to be sure they are in this network. UT Hospital is currently not in the LocalPlus network. If you are currently enrolled in CIGNA and don’t make a change during annual enrollment, you will be automatically moved to CIGNA LocalPlus during annual enrollment for calendar 2016 coverage.
  • There will no longer be a network surcharge based on the choice of an insurance carrier. BlueCross and CIGNA will be the same price in all regions. Therefore, the networks should be the determining factor in the selection of the vendor.
  • The prepaid dental plan vendor will change from Assurant to Cigna. If you are enrolled in the prepaid plan and do do not make a change during annual enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in Cigna Dental for 2016.
  • The dental preferred provider organization will change from Delta Dental to MetLife. If you are enrolled in the dental preferred provider organization plan and  do not make a change during annual enrollment, you will automatically be enrolled in MetLife for 2016.
  • Chiropractic coverage will be limited to 50 visits per year.
  • The PPO copay for convenience clinics will be lowered to the same level as a primary care visit – these facilities are often located within neighborhood drug stores and provide treatment for common non-life threatening conditions like minor burns and sprains.
  • The PPO copay for urgent care facilities will be increased to the same level as a specialist visit – facilities that provide treatment for more serious illnesses and injuries, including moderately severe trauma for non-life threatening conditions such as broken bones or deep lacerations.
  • All legally married couples can participate in family coverage as long as the marriage documentation requirements are met.

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