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Affordable Care Act Information (09/18/2013)

Starting January 1, 2014, individuals who do not have a health plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage may have to pay a fee. The State of Tennessee Group Health Insurance Program meets or exceeds the minimum essential coverage requirements of the law. For more information, please view the Affordable Care Act Information Page.


2014 Group Insurance Annual Enrollment/Transfer Period (09/18/2013)

The annual enrollment/transfer period for 2014 benefits is October 1 through November 1, 2013.  For more details, view the 2014 Annual Enrollment Information Page.


2014 Partnership Promise Information (09/18/2013)

The State of Tennessee contracts with Healthways to administer the Partnership Promise.  Members and enrolled spouses must complete the Partnership Promise each year to remain in the Partnership PPO.  For the 2014 requirements, please view the Partnership Promise Requirements Page.


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